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Although Microsoft Office is the most famous Office Suite out there, it isn't the only one.

ThinkFree Office is one of those cheap choices that allow us to choose a different and efficient alternative. Create documents, web pages, and marketing collateral, work with existing Excel files in Calc or open Calc spreadsheets in Excel,... We can say it is like Microsoft Office, but cheaper and faster, in fact all you create is compatible and editable using Microsoft office tools and viceversa.

ThinkFree Office is a multiplatform application, that means you can work and edit documents on Linux, Windows and Mac.

One of the main features of ThinkFree Office is the one that llows you to save and store data in the cloud, so you can access it at anytime from any computer. The program offers us 1GB of space in the cloud and this should be enough for hundreds of files.

In short, if you are tired of Microsoft Office and you want to try something new but not so different, Think Free Office can be a good choice.

30-day trial period

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